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Graduation Movie By Jasmine Sarais @ NCCA Bournemouth University

CANOS is a Title Sequence for a make-believe thriller. My work is strongly informed by the ideas of visual literacy and abstract narrative.

In this sequence, I wanted to make synergetic use of cinematography and symbolism to portray an ominous story.

“It’s about balance - evoking, not explaining, hinting, not revealing”

(Clair, P. WIRED Magazine 2014)

When making CANOS I knew right from the beginning I wouldn't be able to capture all my ideas without the proper resources.

I had access to a few locations, two models and a lot of post-production software; so I decided to try fit my narrative in my assets instead of what's typically done the other way around.

The designs kept changing based on what I could capture; the production was informing the pre-production, as I was reverse-engineering the shots.

Because I was working on a Title sequence I knew I didn't need to make concrete plot links... I aimed at serving the viewer with some specific pieces ( eg: the detective, the girl, the church, and water ) to make up connections of their own.

“Credits achieve an almost impossible task:
In the span of 90 seconds they explain
both everything and nothing to the viewer.”

(Clair, P. WIRED Magazine 2014)

Below is my first previs edit using my preliminary sketches. This helped me understand my main elements were: Slow motion characters shots double-exposed over landscapes. I achieved this by relying predominantly on green-screen for capturing the characters, 2.5D techniques and DMP for the landscapes and some more DIY abstract transitions between the shots.

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